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1. If you are looking the market for a carbon fiber bike or china electric mountain bike factory recently, then you will most likely discover the fast growing trend of Chinese carbon bike. If you purchase Ewig X5  directly from us in China can offer a lot of bang for the buck, andit will be a great choice for those looking to have a top of the line mountain bike.

2.Ewig X5 carbon mountain bike  not only are they so pretty but most importantly, that are so comfortable. It can be according to the driving speed and physical strength, the speed can be adjusted freely, the hand feel is better after the upgrade, the shifting is smoother, and the driving feeling is full.

3. The mechanical disc brake caliper matched with the variable speed left finger dial and the variable right finger dial and the disc brake pads is simple, sensitive, stable and durable. The bearing bottom shaft has higher lubricity than ordinary ball bottom shafts, and is waterproof and more durable.

Product Detail






1.Our Ewig X5 Chinese carbon mountain bike serve many purposes. They’re great for fitness, commuting, adventure, leisure, and more. And each one is designed for a comfortable and fun riding experience. If you’re looking for a bike and aren’t sure what kind you should get, Ewig X5 Chinese carbon mountain bike is most likely the right choice.

2.Ewig X5 Chinese carbon mountain bike, drivetrain that's light, simple, and easy to use,which make it a great choice for daily commuters or long way road cycling trip. The products in our Chinese  factory will be carefully selected before shipment, and then shipped to you. If you have any questions, please contact us at any time, we will usually reply to any message within 3 hours, no more than 8 hours. Our current delivery time will be very fast because we are manufacturer in China.

3. Ewig X5 Chinese carbon mountain bike can adapt to different road conditions, shock absorption effect meets riding needs. After many tests, the inherent V-brake of the road has been reformed. With good grip, low resistance tire pattern, and high-speed riding is more brisk.

4. Ewig X5 carbon mountain bike with highly sensitive disc brake pads are wear-resistant, strong in heat dissipation, and have a low failure rate. A systematic braking system that escorts your safe riding.

5. The mechanical disc brake caliper matched with the variable speed left finger dial and the variable right finger dial and the disc brake pads are simple, sensitive, stable, and durable. The bearing bottom shaft has higher lubricity than ordinary ball bottom shafts and is waterproof and more durable.

6.Ewig X5 carbon mountain bike perfect for mountain, wasteland, also effective on the road, trail, city, beach or the snow, etc. The tires have a super excellent anti-skid function and are not easy to slip. The front and rear wheels are equipped with splash protection, so it can be used on rainy days

All Components Specifications

*spec applies to all sizes unless otherwise noted

27.5 EWIG X3 M2000-27
Model EWIG X5 (27 Speed)
Size 27.5*17
Color Black Orange
Weight 13KG
Height Range 165MM-195MM
Frame & body
Frame Carbon T700 Pressfit BB 27.5" * 17
Fork 27.5*218 mechanical lockout hydraulic suspension fork, Travel: M9*100mm
Stem Alumimium AL6061 31.8*90mm +/-7degree  W/laser logo, sandblast black
Handlebar Aluminum SM-AL-118 22.2*31.8*600mm , with IVMONO logo, black
Handle grip LK-007 22.2*130mm
Headset GH-592 1-1/8" 28.6*41.8*50*30
Saddle Full black, soft
Seat Post 31.6*350mm black
Derailleur system
Front derailleur SANSAH FD FOR 3X9
Rear Derailleur SHIMANO AUTUS, RD-M2000,SGS 9-SPEED
Brakes SHIMANO BD-M315 RF-730MM, LR-1350MM
Transmission system
Freewheel Rihui 14T-32T, 9s
Crankset Crankset
Chain KMC Z9/GY/110L/RO/CL566R
Pedals B829 9/16BR  aluminum
Rim Alumimum Alloy 27.5"*2.125*14G*36H, 25mm width
Tires CST C1820 27.5*2.1
Hub Alumimum 4 bearing, 3/8"*100*110*10G*36H ED
Remark     Packing size:
29"x19": 1450*220*760mm
29"/15/17 & 27.5"x19: 1410*220*750mm
27.5"/15/17:  1380*220*750mm
one 20ft container can load 120pcs

Carbon  hardtails are the perfect choice both for relaxed rides out in nature, and emptying the tank with big, all-out efforts. They are equally suited for beginners and experienced mountain bikers alike. Low-intensity spin or high-intensity all-action ride – you decide.

The highlights of this component set

A hydraulic fork, 3x9 Eagle shifting from SHIMANO, excellent CST tyres and lcome together to make the EWIG X5 a capable and confidence-inspiring hardtail.


Seat Post:31.6mm dropper post

The padded saddle, with quality side stitching, can be adjusted for the perfect height and angle; the alloy quick release binder lets you easily customize for a proper fit


Tires:CST C1820 27.5*2.1

CST mountain bike tire is anti-gill, hard-wearing and has low rolling resistance to make you even faster. With the power grip power, never worry about mud, sand road. Explore the area that others can't reach.


Rear Derailleur:SHIMANO ALTUS M2000 3*9 SPEED

Including Shimano ALTUS SL-M2000 shift lever, Shimano ALTUS FD-M2000 Front derailleur, Shimano ALTUS RD-M2000 rear derailleur, enables you to easily operate and start your riding effectively.

Suspension Fork mechanical lockout hydraulic

Suspension Fork: mechanical lockout hydraulic

This suspension fork with lockout delivers 100mm of suspension travel and an excellent damping system no matter where you ride. It allows you to choose whether you need suspension function according to your riding environment.


Sizing & fit

Understanding your bike's geometry is the key to a great fit and comfortable ride.

The charts below show our recommended sizes based on height, but there are some other factors, like arm and leg length, that determine a great fit.

Sizing & fit
15.5" 100 565 394 445 73" 71" 46 55 34.9 1064 626
17" 110 575 432 445 73" 71" 46 55 34.9 1074 636
19" 115 585 483 445 73" 71" 46 55 34.9 1084 646

Ewig carbon fiber bicycle are hand-built and shipped straight to you. All you need to do is put on the front wheel, seat, and pedals. Yes, the brakes are dialed in and the derailleurs are adjusted: just pump up the tires and get out to ride.

We make carbon bikes that are suitable for everyday riders all the way to the sport's very best athletes.Our program allows you to spend less time assembling your new carbon fiber bike.

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  • Are Chinese bikes good?

    Chinese Bikes have a massive market both inside China and globally. There’s a plethora of carbon Bikes manufacturers in China that cater to this vast and ever-expanding market.

    The purchasing power of people across the globe that prefer Bikes differs. It also depends upon the reason of their preference.

    In many countries, such as the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, and Sweden, environmental consciousness is high. In growing economies such as India, Brazil, or China itself, many people choose Bikes simply because oil is too much expensive.

    Bike could transform China’s cities, cut pollution, improve the health of millions of people, and provide a model for commuters and sharing companies everywhere. bike trends from China that could outlast the pandemic, and shape how we travel for years to come.

    Are all carbon bike frames made in China?

    Not all carbon fiber frames are made in China.

    In the public’s understanding, many things are made in China, so it is correct to say that. Most of the carbon fiber products in the bicycle industry come from Taiwan or mainland China. But some carbon fiber frames and parts are also made in the United States and France.

    Although carbon fiber is well known as a space material in the early days, carbon fiber is actually very suitable for small-scale processing. Small American stores and even private workshops can process carbon. Many bicycle manufacturers can make their own bicycle frames from carbon fiber cloth, and the manufacturing method is no different from that of large bicycle manufacturers.

    But the raw carbon does come from China. Carbon fiber is made of polyacrylonitrile (PAN) fiber. The polyacrylonitrile fiber will be heated to a very high temperature, and the non-carbon materials in the fiber will be burned out, leaving only a series of very thin long fibers. The more fully processed, the greater the rigidity of the material

    This is a complex industrial process, and only a few companies in the world have the ability to manufacture raw carbon fiber materials. Through the 2010 US Department of Energy report, we can find that more than 90% of the global carbon fiber supply comes from only six companies: Toray, Teijin Group, Mitsubishi Rayon, Zoltek, Hexcel and Cytec. Toray, Teijin and Mitsubishi contracted almost two-thirds of the world’s carbon fiber production. Zoltek, Hexcel and Cytec are headquartered in the United States and produce less than one-third of the global carbon fiber output.

    Are mountain bikes Carbon?

    Not all the mountain bikes are carbon, General are steel / aluminum/titanium/ carbon.

    but more and more people will prefer to buy carbon frame mountain bike. It is lighter, absorbs impact better, and can easily be made into any shape of frame.

    For steel frame,it is easy to weld, low price, better absorption of impact force, beautiful appearance, and usually more classic shape. But the biggest disadvantage of steel is that it is easy to be corroded, so rust prevention is a big problem, and the steel frame is relatively heavier.

    For aluminum, the weight is relatively light, not easy to change, the processing is relatively easy, and the price is relatively cheap. The disadvantages heat treatment is required to increase the strength, and the fatigue performance is relatively poor.

    For Titanium, advantages is the frame is relatively light, strong, and has a better riding feeling and high corrosion resistance. Disadvantages is the price is more expensive.

    Everyone likes different materials. According to the advantages and disadvantages of different materials above, it is very important to buy a bicycle that you like.

    how durable are carbon fiber mountain bike frames?

    Many riders are afraid of damaging an expensive carbon frame. Carbon fiber’s strength to weight ratio is higher than steel and carbon frames can survive a lot of abuse. It also has a nearly infinite fatigue life and, under perfect conditions, long-term use won’t “wear it out.” The resin, however, can degrade when exposed to UV light, but that’s why frames are painted, even “raw” frames have clear coats with UV inhibitors built in. Carbon is so much more compliant, comfortable yet refined. There’s just something to leaning into a very fast curve and applying power on a carbon bike that you just don’t get with aluminum. If you just want a long ride anywhere, Carbon is so much more comfortable, posh, fast, responsive and controllable. It’s like having a BMW. Smooth, nice… fast!

    Carbon mountain bike is very durable in general. The power-to-weight ratio is 18 percent higher than aluminum. High-end mountain bike frames can take up to 700 KSI (kilopound per square inch) before they snap.When a carbon mountain bike crashes, it neither bends nor dents, instead, it cracks. This damage can be invisible or visible. And this is probably why it has earned a bad rap in the durability department. Once the integrity of the composite is compromised, it becomes very fragile and therefore dangerous to continue using. As such, it should either be repaired or replaced.Just like other materials, carbon will deteriorate with usage albeit, only after a long time. Carbon has the longest frame fatigue which enables many manufacturers to offer a lifetime warranty on frames made with this material. When aging happens, the resin matrix would be forming little cracks, and all that’s left are the connections of the fiber. The stiffness of the bike frame will slightly change in the process.

    how to cut carbon fiber mountain bike ?

    For a carbon bar, use a hacksaw with a tungsten carbide blade. Place masking tape over the cut mark and make a mark on top of the masking tape. This will prevent the carbon from fraying. Place the handlebars in a bike stand and clamp down so they are parallel with the floor.

    When choosing a new handlebar width, be conservative. It is always possible to remove more later. Also be sure to reduce width evenly — when shortening bars by 40mm total, cut 20mm from each side.

    There are several methods that can be used to determine bar width — here are a few of our favorites: Sit on the bike. Close your eyes (make sure the bike is stable), reach out and grab the handlebars at a position that feels right. Take a measurement of the excess length of the grip starting at the outer edge of your hand. Subtract at least 10 mm from this number to allow yourself some extra margin — again, be conservative. This number is the amount you will remove from each end of the handlebar.

    This technique will require a helping hand. Prepare to do a push-up, with your hands on the ground shoulder-width apart. Have someone measure the positioning of your hands, from the outside of one hand to the other. Again, add 20 mm for a comfortable margin, and you have the ideal total width of your handlebars.

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