• how to repair a carbon bike frame  | EWIG

    Many people want to know whether the damaged carbon fiber frame can be repaired? Although carbon fiber is a complex material, it can be repaired after damage, and the repair effect is mostly satisfactory. The repaired frame can still be used normally for a long time. Sin...
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  • how to polish carbon fiber bike| EWIG

    If you’re worried about carbon  — I want to provide a few simple tips to protect it. The first requires thinking differently about your bicycle, especially if you’ve only ever owned metal ones. You need to realize that carbon is more like glass than metal. Both can be amazingly strong, but metal ...
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  • who makes the best carbon bike frame | EWIG

    Carbon is pretty much the number one material of choice when it comes to mainstream frame construction and as such there are an awful lot of carbon bike frames out there and there's no one 'best carbon bike'. Whilst the frame material is at the heart of the bike, there a...
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  • how to paint a carbon fiber bike frame | EWIG

    Carbon fiber bicycles are becoming increasingly popular now that improved techniques in manufacturing have brought the prices down. Made of woven carbon fibers sealed within epoxy resin, carbon frames are both strong and light. Painting a carbon frame requires a bit more...
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  • How to make a carbon fiber bike frame | EWIG

    What we call carbon fiber is actually a composite material with carbon as the main material. Carbon fiber composite material is not the only material in bicycle frames, rims, and carbon strips. This is because the ultra-high rigidity of carbon fiber has a technological p...
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  • how to tell if carbon bike frame is cracked | EWIG

    No matter how experienced an eye is cast over a frame, some levels of damage are simply invisible.Your ears, though, may be able to tell you more.Carbon usually has a very crisp sound to it [when tapped] and when it’s damaged the tone changes completely.  Do carbon bike frames crack easily? The b...
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  • carbon fiber bike failures | EWIG

    Experts in carbon fiber agree that any material can fail. Wrecks happen from faulty aluminum, steel, and even rock-hard titanium. The difference with carbon fiber is that it can be difficult to detect signs of damage that might signal imminent failure. Cracks and dents i...
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  • Objectively evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of carbon fiber bicycles | EWIG

    Objectively evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of carbon fiber bicycles | EWIG

    Carbon fiber has been used in bicycles as a high-tech material in the last ten years. Strictly speaking, carbon fiber is not a simple carbon element, but a mixture of carbon elements that is bonded and reinforced with epoxy resin after weaving. In the early days of carbo...
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  • This is a…”very in-depth”… bicycle article | EWIG

    Every time you face traffic jams in the morning and evening rush hours, are you thinking that it would be better if more people ride bicycles to work? "Okay, how much better?" More and more countries have legally pledged to achieve zero net carbon emissions by 2050, and ...
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  • Should mountain bikes choose top-grade aluminum or entry-level carbon fiber| EWIG

    This can be regarded as a commonplace question. Next, let’s compare "entry carbon" and "top aluminum" in several aspects. 1.Rigidity: Carbon fiber products are characterized by low specific gravity (density), high specific strength (strength per unit weight), and high s...
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  • is carbon better than aluminum mountain bike | EWIG

    Should you be wary when buying a carbon frame mountain bike? Do they last as long and are they as strong as aluminum frames? These are questions we hear all the time. The short answer is that both materials have their advantages and drawbacks. The primary difference betw...
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  • why buy carbon mountain bike | EWIG

    When people have the plan to buy a bicycle, they will think about the quality of the bike, it should buy carbon frame or others, and which groupset should you choose? What are the important factors to consider? Some say it’s even better to buy a cheap carbon frame mounta...
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  • carbon mountain bike protection| EWIG

    Mountain biking is a rough and tumble sport. Even the most skilled riders wreck every now and again. As riders, we're accustomed to wearing helmets, eyewear, and often knee and elbow pads, but what about the bikes we ride? How do you protect your carbon mountain bike fro...
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  • carbon mountain bike pros and cons | EWIG

    With a seemingly endless number of bike styles and choices on the market, selecting which type of frame to buy can add significant confusion in the selection process. Each type of material on the market has pros and cons, and the purpose of this article is to highlight t...
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  • How long do carbon bike frames last | EWIG

    How long do carbon bike frames last | EWIG

    Whether it’s for an upgrade or a repair, most cyclists know that you eventually have to change the parts on your bike. But one part that remains the same is the bike frame.No matter how many upgrades or repairs you complete, you rarely ever need to replace a bike frame. ...
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  • How Carbon Bicycle Frames Are Made | EWIG

    How Carbon Bicycle Frames Are Made | EWIG

    There are a number of ways to turn those raw ingredients of carbon fibre and resin into a bike frame. While there are a few niche players with unconventional techniques, the vast majority of the industry have adopted the monocoque method. Monocoque manufacturing : A term...
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  • Are carbon mountain bike wheels worth it | EWIG

    Are carbon mountain bike wheels worth it | EWIG

    Carbon fiber possesses a very high strength-to-weight ratio. It has almost half the density of aluminum; it’s more than five times less dense than steel, but it is stronger than either metal. This is especially important for bicycle wheels.wheels are a key place to cut w...
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  • Is it worth buying a carbon mountain bike | EWIG

    Is it worth buying a carbon mountain bike | EWIG

    Many bicycle enthusiasts have been thinking about the same question whether it is worth buying a carbon mountain bike. If it is a carbon mountain bike, there is a price problem and the frame is prone to breakage. If it is an aluminum alloy or iron frame, the weight must ...
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  • how strong are carbon mountain bike frames | EWIG

    how strong are carbon mountain bike frames | EWIG

    WHY WE LIKE THE EWIG X3 (27 Speed) CARBON FIBER MOUNTAIN BIKE One of our favorite short-travel shredders goes full metal with the all-new EWIG X3 carbon fiber mountain bike. That means all the pop and play of the carbon EWIG X3, but with a supper light weight carbon fram...
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  • How to clean carbon mountain bike | EWIG

    How to clean carbon mountain bike | EWIG

    Carbon bicycles will appear dirty and obsolete after a long period of use. At this time, cleaning the bicycle is extremely important.After clearing bike works more smoothly, lasts longer and looks better when it’s clean. That will make riding it more enjoyable and save y...
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  • Why buy a carbon mountain bike | EWIG

    Why buy a carbon mountain bike | EWIG

    WHY WE LIKE THE EWIG X6 (27 Speed) CARBON FIBER MOUNTAIN BIKE 1. Ewig X6 cheapest carbon fiber mountain bike, light and durable, The front brake can be locked, and it can be adapted to various roads, such as forest road, gravel, grass, mountain road. We have professiona...
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