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1. Equipped with the Shimano M2000  9-Speed Gear System & Hydraulic Brakes: , an easy folding mechanism system, Keep sport easy. Wholesale 9 Speed folding city bicycle with Shimano M2000 Shifter, Shimano rear derailleur M370. A foldable bike with quality gear system that rides smooth.

2. TORAY T800 Carbon Fiber Frame: The foldable Carbon fiber frame provides the China folding bikes with a structure that is uniquely strong and Lightweight. This is an extremely versatile folding bike, because with its folding frame, stem, pedals and saddle, it was made for even the smallest of storage spaces without tools: Take it with you when you go on vacation; for trips to your office and park it right next to your chair; or store it at home next to the shoe rack without inconvenience. So this bike is suitable for adults. 

3.Easy to Adjust: While only being 20 inch the carbon portable folding bicycle is suitable for almost all heights because you can easily adjust the height of the seat for your own needs.

4.Easy to Assemble: The Cricket Folding Bike is almost completely pre-assembled before packing and shipping. 2 YEARS WARRANTY ON FRAME and SIX MONTHS ON ACCESSORIES (Only available in condition for normal use).

Product Detail



Product Detail:

1. Ewig Carbon Folding bicycles are portable, convenient to use, and can easily be folded for small storage space. If you have a small parking area or storage space at home; then these cycles will be the best choice for you!  In comparison to the expenses of a car or standard bike; Ewig carbon folding bikes are more affordable and cost-effective. They are highly recommended for urban multi-modal travel needs.

2. Ewig Carbon Folding bicycles are with perfect Fashion Shape, streamline frame design suitable for women men teens, students, office workers, urban environments, and near commuting. It is a lightweight Compact Bike, easy to carry, and lightweight 8.1KG. The Ewig carbon folding bicycle is the best carbon folding bike with disc brake and Shimano 9 Speed cassette freewheel, Shimano M370 9 Speed rear derailleur, Folding bike color design. 

3. The Ewig carbon folding bike has the pivot concentric to the crankset, thus the distance between the crankset and the wheel is always the same. This means that the chain is in tension throughout the fold. With this system not only do we remove unnecessary weight, but we also make the bike more user-friendly and safe.

4. Ewig carbon folding bike is really exciting, which has very lightweight, and the riding process is easy to fold. If you are looking for an advanced folding bike that suits you, the Folding Bike Ewig will be your best choice in 2021. You may be worried about its quality and budget, please take a relaxed breath, there is no doubt that the price of our Ewig folding Bike is the most competitive in the same carbon folding bike configuration. It is very hot-selling in Europe and Southeast Asia.

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Full Carbon Folding Bike

Foldby one 9s
Model EWIG 
Size 20 Inc
Color Black 
Weight 8.1KG
Height Range 150MM-190MM
Frame & body carrying system
Frame Carbon fiber T700
Fork Carbon fiber T700*100
Stem No
Handlebar Aluminum black
Grip VELO Rubber
Hub Aluminum 4 bearing 3/8" 100*100*10G*36H
Saddle Full black road bike saddle
Seat Post Aluminum black
Derailleur / brake system
Shift lever SHIMANO M2000
Front derailleur No
Rear Derailleur SHIMANO M370
Brakes TEK TRO HD-M290 Hy draulic
Transmission system
Cassette sprackets: PNK,AR18
Crankset: Jiankun MPF-FK
Chain KMC X9 1/2*11/128
Pedals Aluminum foldable F178
Wheelset system
Rim Alumimum 
Tires CTS 23.5

Carbon Bike Frames Details


SHIMANO M2000 9-speeds with Shifter lever, SHIMANO M370 Rear derailleur and TEKTRO Hydraulic Disc brake - It enables you to start and operate your ride effectively, smooth shifting and durable


  • SHIMANO M2000 9-Speed Gear System & Hydraulic Brake: Shimano rear derailleur that features crisp, fast shifting and a low profile design that is protected from damage.Hydraulic brake use the greater friction of the bilateral disk which allows you to brake quickly.

Carbon fiber folding bike frame

TORAY T700 Carbon Fiber Frame, and designed in the Wind Tunnel, the stays, seat post, and seat tube are aerodynamically contoured. The hidden folding box patented design make the folding bike have stylish looking

Folding bike carbon wheelset

20 inch Wheel, Large and Stable,With large wheels, you will be able to go over uneven surfaces easily.

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  • how much do folding bikes cost?

    when you live in Europe it seemed like everyone was riding a folding bike.

    Carbon folding bike is really cool and many models are very affordable in the under $500 – $1,000 price range.

    Whether you’re also new to this type of bike or are just looking for a good entry-level folding bike.Most of the folding ability or compactness of these bikes mimic the ones used on conventional bikes.

    That said, the very big difference lies in the components of the folding bikes, and how they look or are positioned once the bike is folded up.They share almost the same kinds of portability benefits as well due to their foldable feature.

    You can easily fold and carry these bikes. They offer better space-saving capabilities than other kinds of folding bikes, once they are completely folded.

    how much does a carbon bike cost?

    Carbon fiber bikes come at a variety of different price points, with most falling in the $200 to $10,000 range — a pretty big spread.

    Some luxury mountain bikes and road bikes can even reach prices up to $16,000. However, there’s no need to spend every penny of your savings to land one of these elite models.

    Many avid riders say that the difference in bike performance begins to plateau beyond the $5,000 range.

    In other words, the jump in quality between a $5,000 and a $7,000 bike will be almost imperceptible, unlike what you might notice between a $2,000 bike and a $5,000 one.

    But you shouldn’t only refer to bike price guides to determine a bike’s quality.

    It’s also important to look into the materials used to make the bike, the reliability of the components and the craftsmanship of the frame.

    Remember to consider the extras that come with your bike, too:

    Does it come with a warranty?

    How long is that warranty?

    Are you able to return your bike if you aren’t completely satisfied?

    A bike can be a big investment — make sure you’re getting your money’s worth! The biggest factors that should determine carbon bike prices are the frame material and components used to create them.

    which is lighter titanium or carbon bike?

    Carbon fiber frames are lighter than titanium frames. In fact, carbon fiber is the lightest material used to build bicycle frames today. … The lightest titanium frames weigh around 1150 grams or 2.5 lbs. This is similar to a modern steel frame weight.

    Titanium is highly flexible, so it offers better shock absorption than carbon fiber.Carbon, on the other hand, doesn’t deform under load linearly.The lack of deformity aspect on carbon means that it generates a harder impact, consequently a harsher ride. While carbon comes with an epoxy finish that dampens the vibrations, some users find this feature entirely foreign and uncomfortable.

    Titanium, on the other hand, is tough, durable and will stand up to corrosion. When properly built, titanium is highly durable and will stand up to abuse.

    Titanium is quite sturdy and can maintain its shape. However, if damaged, titanium is expensive and challenging to repair.While there are still glaring difference between the two, the best way of purchasing a bike is buying it from an individualized standpoint, rather than the properties of a material.If you do so, you’ll find the best material and design that will fit your riding needs.

    how do i select pedals for a carbon bike?

    When choosing bike pedals, first think about the type of riding you’ll be doing. Will you be road biking or mountain biking? Are you looking for the pedaling power and efficiency of clipless pedals (where cleats on the bottom of the shoes secure your feet to the pedals) or the ease and maneuverability you get with flat platform pedals? Perhaps you want the benefits of both.

    If you decide on clipless pedals, be sure your pedals, cleats and shoes are made to work as a system. You can shop for either the shoes or pedals first, just keep shoe-pedal compatibility in mind as you decide. Cleats may be sold with the pedals or separately.

    One important question to ask is whether you want to securely clip into the pedals or leave your feet free. The two most common types of pedals are clipless and flat pedals—which you choose will depend on your riding and personal preferences.

    why is a new carbon bike faster?

    A new bike alone isn’t going to make you fast. That comes from lots of training, but a good bike can help you enjoy the riding 100x more. One important point is the psychological factor of how much you look at your bike leaning against the wall in your garage and think: “urrgh, piece of crap” or “You look gorgeous, let’s go out and have some fun”. A more expensive bike can be an utter pleasure to ride vs a cheap one. A good frame, decent deep wheels, good groupset all combine to make your riding pleasurable and fun and maybe fast.

    Ask yourself some questions about what sort of riding you want to do and be realistic about how good you are. If you’re 100Kg with an FTP of 200W and do 10 mile casual rides on a Sunday afternoon then your needs are different than if you are 75Kg, FTP of 330W and do road racing.

    Go buy a new bike for sure, but the right one, with the right expectations.

    When people went from aluminium frame flat bar commuter to my carbon bike, they gained a good 3-5km/h in speed as it was hella lighter, they was a lot more hunched forward, frame is a lot more stiff and compliant at the same time (carbon soaks up the bumps)

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