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1. EWIG full suspension mountain bike is a fairly unknown brand in the world of higher-end mountain bikes. It’s been around for quite a while though, and offers great value. It is a consumer-direct brand that offers some unique options for buyers. 

2. Ewig was established in 2012 . As the top-rated carbon bike manufacturer & wholesale bike supplier, we have 10 years’ experience in manufacturing all kinds of bikes.As the best bike manufacturing vendor, we accept OEM & ODM service, send us your design we can make the real sample within 15 days, put your logo and color on the bike, made from the material carbon firber and alloy. 

3. As bike manufacture , we have export certification of  all our bikes. No MOQ for wholesaler, distributor. we got strong partnership with SHIMANOMAXXISFIZIKPROPALMTORAY etc. If you want to start bike business, please contact us freely! We will be your best bike supplier in China. 

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Wholesale full suspension mountain bikes keep you in control and comfortable over rugged terrain. EWIG bike manufacture's suspension solutions have been proven and refined over the years. 

Super M is a full suspension carbon mountain bike from ewig bike manufacture that’s equal parts efficient and capable. It soaks up rough, rugged descents but still flies like a rocket up hills and on flat stretches. The light and sturdy carbon fiber frame is built with parts picked for performance and value, making this bike perfect for your first full suspension trail bike.

A solid full suspension bike at a wallet-friendly price. The best-value bike in the lineup is made for having a blast going fast on just about any trail.

12 speed Super M race bike lineup features sorted suspension, a stiff frame, and improved handling.The groupset is a Shimano M610. The brakes are Shimano M200. Even though this bike is a bit heavier than its competitors, it still features fast, race-focused geometry, and the build kit is great value for money. While many bikes are leaning towards downcountry trends the Super M still very much a race bike in steering feel, adding length to the reach and dialing in fork offset for stability means you can really feel the well-sorted suspension. This means there is plenty of traction to carry speed whilst also reducing fatigue whether attacking fast technical XC circuits or extended distances of marathons.

Full-suspension bicycles are some of the most popular mountain bikes available, and for good reason. We've seen dramatic advances in frame and fork technology, cutting-edge suspension designs and rear shock function, while the overall weight of full-sussers has actually dropped to rival their hardtail siblings.

The highlights of this component set


black saddle

Comfortable and Softer Seat

This seat you can adjust to the height you want according to your habits. Makes your ride more comfortable.

maxxis tire 29er


The width tire is stable for riding. and is suitable for all kinds of ground.and the unique design makes it easy to control.

full suspension carbon frame

Carbon frame with full suspension

 dual-suspension frame features a front suspension fork and rear shock for ultimate bump absorption and durable trail riding

freewheel 12speed

Shimano Deore CS-M6100 Cassette

The Shimano Deore CS-M6100 cassette features the Hyperglide+ technology which guarantees high shifting speed, precision and smoothness when shifting up and down and contributes to an extremely quiet drivetrain. Designed for the Micro Spline freewheel system, the 12-speed cassette covers a wide gear range featuring a ratio of 10 to 51 teeth.

All Components Specifications

*spec applies to all sizes unless otherwise noted

27.5 EWIG X5 M2000-27
Model EWIG Super M  (1*12 Speed)
Size 29*17
Color Black red
Weight 13KG
Height Range 165MM-195MM
Frame Carbon T700 Pressfit BB 29" * 15/17
Fork 29*218 mechanical lockout hydraulic suspension fork, Travel: M9*100mm
Shift lever SHIMANO M6100
Front derailleur  
Rear Derailleur SHIMANO M6100
Crankset Prowheel MHL
Chain KMC Z9/GY/110L/RO/CL566R
Brakes SHIMANO MT 200
Stem Alumimium AL6061 31.8*90mm +/-7degree   sandblast black
Handlebar Aluminum SM-AL-118 22.2*31.8*600mm , black
Handle grip LK-007 22.2*130mm
Saddle VELO
Seat Post 31.6*350mm black
Freewheel SHIMANO M6100
Headset GH-592 1-1/8" 28.6*41.8*50*30
Pedals B829 9/16BR  aluminum
Rim Alumimum Alloy 29"*2.125*14G*36H, 25mm
Hub Alumimum 4 bearing, 3/8"*100*110*10G*36H ED
Remark     Packing size:
one 20ft container can load 120pcs

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EWIG carbon fiber bicycle are hand-built and shipped straight to you. All you need to do is put on the front wheel, seat, and pedals. Yes, the brakes are dialed in and the derailleurs are adjusted: just pump up the tires and get out to ride.

We make carbon bikes that are suitable for every riders,Our program allows you to spend less time assembling your new carbon fiber bike.

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  • What is the benefit of carbon full suspension MTB

    bike ?

    A full suspension mountain bike features both a suspension fork up front and a rear shock, whereas a hardtail bike has only a suspension fork. The type of suspension mountain bike has will affect the bike’s control, traction and comfort—not to mention how enjoyable it is to ride.

    You want a more comfortable ride: A full-suspension mountain bike will soak up most of the jarring bumps that would otherwise be sent to your body (and in some cases, buck you off your bike). This can help reduce fatigue, which in turn can allow you to ride faster, for longer, with greater comfort.

    You have a need for speed: Front and rear suspension do such a good job of absorbing bumps that you can typically carry more speed through technical sections of trail than you would be able to with a hardtail.

    What will the best travel for full suspension MTB bike


    Depending on your skill, riding style, and terrain, there is likely an ideal amount of suspension travel. Other specs such as geometry, wheels, and tires matter too, but they are usually tailored to match a bike’s suspension. Most modern mountain bikes will have somewhere between 100mm and 170mm of suspension travel.

    What is the best components of full suspension MTB


    Bike manufacturers have become pretty good at proceeding complete bikes, however, there are always mountain bike upgrades to be made along the way. The great thing about mountain bikes is that parts can be swapped out and replaced with something different or better; you just have to pay attention to sizing and compatibility.

    Even the best mountain bikes aren’t perfect and can benefit from a better pair of tires or grips. A better suspension fork can transform the best budget mountain bikes into trail slaying machines.  

    If it’s a high-performance, lightweight cross-country suspension fork that you’re after, there aren’t many options that can beat the RockShox.There are many options on the market offering great performance and you don’t need to spend loads of money on the best MTB groupsets if your upgrading to a 1x drivetrain. Shimano’s Deore 12-speed groupset is a budget option bursting with performance.

    What will the weight of carbon full suspension MTB


    The average carbon full suspension trail bike weighs 13 to 14.5kg. A lightweight cross country bike can weigh as little as 13kg.Full suspension mountain bikes are great for giving you more control and comfort. After riding one on a lumpy trail it’s hard to go back to a hardtail bike. The average full suspension mountain bike weight is around 13Kg .There are a lot of factors that go into full suspension mountain bike weights. The average full suspension bike that most of us ride will be around 13kg . For those really serious about mountain biking and want a lightweight bike, carbon is the way to go. For those who are just interested in recreational riding, aluminum is fine. Most of us carry more extra weight in our bodies then we will save by spending thousands more on our bike.

    What is the best mountain bike frame geometry?

    A bike’s geometry is perhaps the most important aspect of its design.The seat tube length defines the size of the bike in a more meaningful way than the ‘Small, Medium or Large’ size structure. This is because it dictates the minimum and maximum height the saddle can be set, and therefore the height range of riders who can comfortably ride the bike, or how low they can drop the saddle for descending.

    Two Medium frames, for example, will often have different seat tube lengths that will fit different riders. While the seat tube length doesn’t directly affect the handling of the bike, important measurements for handling and fit, such as reach, must be compared to the seat tube length to define how long the bike is relative to the height of the rider.

    How to choose a suitable suspension mountain bike?

    Front Suspension If you’re a beginner or a casual mountain biker, a front suspension mountain bike is a good choice. You can ride it on dirt roads and easy trails, but also on bike paths and paved trails. You’ll benefit from the comfort and smooth ride of the front suspension but your bike won’t be too bulky or aggressive for casual riding.

    Full Suspension If you’re a serious rider who likes to climb steep hills and rocky trails and take multiday mountain bike expeditions through the back country, a full-suspension mountain bike is for you. You’ll benefit from the sturdiness and reliability of a full-suspension system as you come flying down rocky single track.


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