Ewigbike.com is a professional carbon electric bicycle manufacturer from China. heavy, slow and difficult to control. This is what most people think of electric bicycles, right? EWIG carbon electric bicycle changed everything: we used the characteristics of carbon fiber to create a very light, practical and beautiful carbon fiber electric bicycle. In order to reduce weight, we use high-modulus carbon fiber to make an ultra-light mountain bike frame, in which we added high-performance motors, high-specification components and wide tires, which can be convenient and fast for endurance long-distance running away from the light. Row; EWIG has a variety of carbon fiber electric bicycles for you to choose from, such as: 31-60 kilometers, >60 kilometers and 10-30 kilometers. You can also choose from lithium batteries, storage batteries, carbon fiber electric bicycles, etc.; we manufacture in accordance with the highest standards, high-quality carbon fiber frame and streamlined design, making it light, practical, elegant, fun and fast; ride more power and faster Faster speed, longer distance, relaxed and happy, very suitable for urban commuters. Are you ready to go? Buy or customize these light and sturdy carbon fiber folding electric bike to pursue a healthier and more relaxed lifestyle. Bulk purchases or customization are welcome, please contact us as soon as possible, and contact us if you want to know the best bicycle prices and professional services! Relevant search:Carbon Bikes,Carbon Mountain Bike,Carbon Folding Bike