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Short Description:

1. Ewig carbon frame and fork folding bike with perfect fashion shape,bright and changeable color frame looks so nice and novel. The color on the frame can be change if you look from different side.

2. Adjustable Handlebar & Seat Height. Made of high quality aging resistant rubber and aluminum alloy rims, the tires are non-slip and difficult to pierce. So you can use it on a mountain road or on a rugged road. Not only that, the height of the seat and handle can be adjusted to provide you a better comfort experience. 

3. Our Ewig carbon folding bicycle is 100% installed, so you can use it very quickly, reducing a lot of tedious installation steps, allowing you to use our bicycle quickly. The Folding Design: With carbon Folding Frame, this folding bike has strong load-bearing capacity and can be used for a long time. Besides, the foldable design makes it easy for you to carry and store.

Color: Black Red,Gray Green,Gray Red,Green Yellow, Black

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Product Detail


Product Detail:

1.The Ewig folding bike ships ready to ride, fully assembled, a frame with 2 years warranty, weight is 8.1kg without pedals, dis- brake. It is with fashion design. 9 Speed folding city bicycle with Shimano M2000 Shifter, Shimano M370 rear derailleur; TEKTRO HD-M290 HYDRAULIC, with a quality gear system that rides smooth.

2. Bicycle frame and fork are made by Japan Toray T700 Carbon Fiber, Uniquely Strong and light, better corrosion resistance, and toughness. The foldable design makes it more convenient to store without occupying more space. After fold 80 * 64 * 40 cm, easy to carry on trains and buses.

3. The design features a custom mechanism that allows the back wheel to fold under, while still keeping the chain in tension so that it doesn't drop. Ewig folding bike is a lightweight folding bike, The design uses carbon fiber because it is lighter than steel and absorbs shock vibrations better.

4. China 9 speed folding bikes are convenient to store in small spaces, though they can be a bit on the heavy side. Some independent designers are turning to crowdfunding to get their lighter, snazzier folding bike designs off the ground, and the Ewig folding bike factory is no exception, offering an eye-popping, carbon fiber model that weighs a feather-light 8.1KG.

5. Whatever you look for a convenient carbon fiber folding bike for commute, or a carbon mountain bike for adventure, or a road bike for city cycling, even a carbon fiber electric bike. You always can find the suitable one. Besides carbon frame, our bicycle comes with from entry-level to high-end level Shimano groupset.

Full Carbon Folding Bike

Foldby one 9s
Model EWIG 
Size 20 Inc
Color Green Yellow
Weight 8.1KG
Height Range 150MM-190MM
Frame & body carrying system
Frame Carbon fiber T700
Fork Carbon fiber T700*100
Stem No
Handlebar Aluminum black
Grip VELO Rubber
Hub Aluminum 4 bearing 3/8" 100*100*10G*36H
Saddle Full black road bike saddle
Seat Post Aluminum black
Derailleur / brake system
Shift lever SHIMANO M2000
Front derailleur No
Rear Derailleur SHIMANO M370
Brakes TEK TRO HD-M290 Hy draulic
Transmission system
Cassette sprackets: PNK,AR18
Crankset: Jiankun MPF-FK
Chain KMC X9 1/2*11/128
Pedals Aluminum foldable F178
Wheelset system
Rim Alumimum 
Tires CTS 23.5

Images for Carbon folding bike

15.5" 100 565 394 445 73" 71" 46 55 34.9 1064 626
17" 110 575 432 445 73" 71" 46 55 34.9 1074 636
19" 115 585 483 445 73" 71" 46 55 34.9 1084 646

Sizing & fit

Understanding your bike's geometry is the key to a great fit and comfortable ride.

The charts below show our recommended sizes based on height, but there are some other factors, like arm and leg length, that determine a great fit.

Sizing & fit

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