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1.16 – inch folding wholesale bicycle designed for commuting and exercising. EWIG  is the undisputed king of folding bikes manufacture. Join our family of millions of cyclists powered by our leading technology.

2. EWIG wholesale bike gives you the opportunity to cruise or shift in high gear and a V-brake slows the bike down quickly but smoothly. Three foldable design makes it easy for you to carry and store your bike. It can be folded in less than 10 seconds, which saves an extra 30-60% of time compared to many other bikes in the market.

3.With durable high carbon steel frame, this folding bike is lightweight, durable and has a high load-bearing capacity. EWIG foldby 6 s folding bike is designed to fit a wide range of bikers, Ditch headache-inducing traffic and bike to work with this convenient 6-speed folding bike and included rear carrying rack.

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    With a lightweight high carbon steel frame, 16-inch alloy wheels, and a convenient folding system, the EWIG foldby 6s is easy to carry, easy to fold, and easy to store. Make biking anywhere a breeze with the bike's six gears, Sensan 3*2 shifters, and China local brand rear derailleur.

    It fits a wide range of riders with a maximum rider weight of 230 pounds. The comfortable seat easily adjusts to most riders ranging from 155cm to over 190cm tall. EWIG Foldby 6s folding bike ships ready to ride, 95% assembled, a frame lifetime warranty, weight is 14.5KG, featuring rear carry rack, front and rear fenders, magnet catcher, white protector, folding pedals.

    Anti-Skid Tires - 16” wide non-slip tires, even in the rain can be safe to ride; aluminum alloy rims are not easily deformed, adapt to ride on a variety of terrain.

    This folding bike can be folded up in 10 seconds, the foldable design can save more space and can be perfectly stored in the trunk of the car or perfectly stored in the corner of the house. Folded bike dimension: 65cm L x 65cm H x 20 W.

    High Carbon steel  Folding Bike

    Foldby one 9s
    Model EWIG foldby 6s
    Size 16 Inch
    Color Sky blue/Titanium/Gold/ Navy blue/Black/ Purple/ Light blue 
    Weight 14.5KG
    Height Range 150MM-190MM
    Frame & body carrying system
    Frame High carbon steel 
    Fork High carbon steel 
    Stem High carbon steel 
    Handlebar Aluminum alloy
    Grip PU leather grips
    Hub Front: SOLON; Back : STURMEY ARCHER
    Saddle Full black saddle
    Seat Post Aluminum alloy 31.8*520mm
    Derailleur / brake system
    Shift lever Sensan 3*2
    Front derailleur Inside 3 speed is STURMERY ARCHER
    Rear Derailleur RD local brand 
    Brakes Aluminum alloy double v brake 
    Transmission system
    Crankset: Prowheel 46T
    Freewheel: 13T/15T
    Chain YBN
    Pedals Foldable pedal 
    Wheelset system
    Rim Alumimum alloy
    Tires Innova

    Folding effect

    bike foldable folding bike
    bike fold

    Foldby 6S The top and best selling high carbon steel folding bike. The Portable high carbon steel Folding Bike is completely assembled before packing and shipping. Yes, the brakes are dialed in and the derailleurs are adjusted: just pump up the tires and get out to ride.

    The highlights of this component set

    Inside 3 speed is STURMERY ARCHER, RD local brand. Front and rear V brake . For city, the perfect 3*2 speed folding bike 

    adult folding bike

    Seat Post:Black comfortable saddle

    ergonomic hollow saddle design for riding more comfortable .

    light folding bike

    High carbon steel frame

    high quality rubber tire, lightweight, durable and has a high load-bearing capacity

    ewig folding bike

    Three foldable

    All soild steel welding, strong load bearing, can carry people.It is easier to carry after folding . 

    16inch folding bike

    Sensah fingle dial+aluminum derailleur

    high end handlebar, and sponge grip cover. No slipe, wear-resister. High quality brake, new reinforcement, beautiful and saft.

    6 colors referance

    bike 16 folding
    bicycle folding bike
    titanium folding bike
    shimano folding bike
    folding bicycle 16 inch
    light blue

    Ewig carbon fiber bicycle are hand-built and shipped straight to you. All you need to do is put on the front wheel, seat, and pedals. Yes, the brakes are dialed in and the derailleurs are adjusted: just pump up the tires and get out to ride.

    We make carbon bikes that are suitable for everyday riders all the way to the sport's very best athletes.Our program allows you to spend less time assembling your new carbon fiber bike.

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  • Is a 16 inch folding bike too small ?

    This is the more common 16 inch wheel size.They are made for road riding. Rims and tires for this size are generally more common. 16″ folding bikes are more compact- Because the wheels measure 4 inches less in diameter, 16 inch folding bikes can fold down significantly smaller than 20 inch models. In fact, a 16 inch folding bike is about half the size of a 20″ model. This makes carrying and storing the bike much easier. You can fit it under most desks and in pretty much any vehicle. You can even store the bike in a small bag.

    16″ wheels are stronger,16″ wheels are smaller in diameter and use shorter spokes than 20″ wheels. This makes them structurally stronger. The small wheels can handle heavier loads and take more of a beating without breaking spokes, cracking, or flexing.

    Which bike folds the smallest?

    Not all folding bikes fold down to the same size. Some can get incredibly small, while others still take up about as much space as a large suitcase. Depending on your intended use case, you might benefit greatly from having a bike that can get a few inches smaller, helping you save space or fit it into a smaller storage container.
    Other riders might prefer to have a bike that’s easier to roll around while it’s folded, allowing them to take it inside buildings. Finally, some might value low weight above everything else, making the bikes easier to carry by hand, in a bag, or in a backpack.

    Is it worth buying a foldable bike?

    So many people will think that if folding bikes worth it? Yes, they are the perfect bike for commuters. Their functionality makes them easy to transport on public transportation systems. You can carry them with you and so you won’t need to worry about it being stolen. 

    Folding bikes are designed to be folded. While each company takes a different approach to their folding design they’re all easy to learn and quick to do. Folding and unfolding these bikes won’t require magic. Most folding bikes can be folded within 30 seconds or less.

    To top it off – they fold into a compact shape that makes storing them in your office or home very easy. Folding bikes are worth it!

    Do folding bikes come in different sizes?

    Folding bikes typically come with 16, 20, 24, 26 and 27.5″ wheels. It’s best to select your wheel size based on how you plan to use your folding bike. The more regularly you’ll be using public transport, the better it is to go smaller and more compact.

    Folding bikes are all about compromise. The main trade-off is between cycling performance and foldability. In general, the smaller and more compact the bike, the less suited it is for long-distance cycling. For example, 16″ folding bikes have an unbelievably small fold but tend to feel a bit tedious on rides over one hour when compared to bikes with larger wheels.

    There are two things to think about when it comes to the folding aspect: folding speed and the size when folded. Folding bikes rarely come in more than one frame size. This is great if you’re of average proportions and not too fussy, but anyone out of the middle height range will need to compromise significantly.




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