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Bicycles are designed to provide convenient traveling. One of the many types of bicycles is the folding bike. Folding bikes are designed to be compact, portable, and less space-consuming. Folding bike in China became a standardized mode of transportation for people living in non-spacious households.

There are several choices of folding bikes available today. Moreover, entry level folding bikes can start at $200 while average ones can range between $200to $800. Folding bikes can even go higher than $1500, giving you great quality and features you’ll need for a good ride.

Today’s market for folding bikes is evidently large. Many brands –old and new– compete to provide the kind of bike that fits a biker best. In folding bikes and bikes in general, the brand is one thing. The more the brand has been in the market, the more it is likely to be the first option for purchase, especially for those who prefer quality over price.

Bike Components That Decide a Folding Bike’s Price

Most cyclists tend to question whether to go for an affordable or high-quality bike. They ask about paying more than $1000 for a new folding bike when they can get one for slightly over $200. However, the components used to create a foldable bike make a significant difference. These components include:

 1.Frame Material

2. Tire Type

3. Saddle

4. Brake System, Gear Shifts, Drivetrain, and Folding Joints

carbon fiber and aluminum frame

A folding bike’s frame is considered the most expensive part, attributing approximately 15% of the bike’s total price. Also referred to as the bike’s soul, the frame holds the accessories and components altogether. It’s also the main factor when discussing a bike’s speed, comfort, and safety.The frame material also plays an essential role in determining the weight of a folding bike.

Our EWIG folding models are made by carbon fiber frame and aluminum frame .

Aluminum frames are more resistant to rust and corrosion since they contain aluminum oxide. Aluminum material outshines steel-framed bikes for their lighter feature, letting you travel longer distances with less exhaustion. Nonetheless, aluminum frames are more expensive than steel frames.

Carbon fiber frames are ultimately reserved for top-tier folding bikes. It offers the strongest, densest, and lightest material, which means it demands the highest price on the list. It’s worth mentioning that as folding bikes get more lightweight, the more expensive they get. This is because EWIG bike manufacturers in China use high-quality and light frame materials, making them more portable and convenient to use.

Being lightweight is a plus factor for a folding bike since it is carryable once folded. Individuals that often travel find it advantageous if a folding bike is easy to carry and transport. Lightweight folding bikes are often made with light materials such as carbon fiber and aluminum.

 Tire Type

Approximately 8% of a folding bike’s cost goes to its tire type. As such, your bike’s wheels and tires generally tell your speed and ride quality. Thus, a good pair of tires would give you a speedy ride without compromising your comfort and posture.Meanwhile, choosing a tire size also makes a great difference. Tires dedicated for durability are heavier compared to energy-absorbent tires. Most folding bike manufacturers cater to different types of tires.


5% of your bike’s cost goes to your bike’s seat. And if you’re going to ride your folding bike for several hours, find a saddle that’s comfortable and convenient for you.

Some seat pads encompass a plush- or spartan-type padding. Nevertheless, not all thick-foamed saddles provide comfort for everyone. Meanwhile, you’ll also have to choose the perfect size and width for your saddle, either broader or narrower.

In addition, our EWIG folding bikes have a suspension under the saddle, which adds more comfort to your ride, especially when the roads have more bumps than usual.

 Brake System, Gear Shifts, Drivetrain, and Folding Joints

Most newbies (and even seasoned cyclists) overlooked the brake system. Keep in mind that an efficient brake system lets you speed up your ride, giving you enough confidence that you can stop whenever you need to. You can choose from dual pivot side pull, linear pull (or V-brakes), mechanical disc brakes, and hydraulic disc brakes.

As for the gear-shifting technology, most modern folding bicycles implement this feature. This component lets you pedal and cycle efficiently regardless of a terrain’s surface. With a gear shifting system, you can switch gears quickly and accurately.

Key components of the drivetrain include the pedals, cranks, chains, cogs, and derailleur.

A quality folding bike is typically customizable, durable, comfortable to ride with, and easily folded. Since the main selling point of a folding bike is its foldability, some bikes’ edge is the time needed to fully tuck itself into its compact form. 

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Post time: Mar-19-2022