how to fold a folding bike | EWIG

Folding bikes are no longer a big secret. They guarantee mobility in the urban space.

A folding bike is essentially as described—a bike that folds up. They’re designed to be a space-saving solution for commuters and urban riders where square footage is a limiting factor. But how it folds up to such a compact form is really what’s most impressive.

Folding bikes come in all shapes and sizes, including both single speed and geared options, and some even have simple suspension systems. They’re quirky, and this “fun factor” has been embraced by both folding bike manufacturers and enthusiasts—you can find a wide range of color schemes and accessories to make your folding bike as unique as you’d like.

With a little practice, you should be able to fold and unfold our Folding Bike quickly and easily.

Pls check the step of how to fold our folding bikes.


There is a buckle to lock them up. We need to unlock it to separate the frame.
A folding buckle in middle of the frame will make a "tic" sound when you successfully unfold it.


 The frame folding quick release is attached to a vertical locking pin for safety.