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I think the China folding bike is worth it as a family bike.

If you are going to commute to work and sometimes (once or twice a week) you may won't be able to go back home on it and you can fold it and go back home with it in a car, then yes, a folding bike might be a good option for you.

If your main mean of transportation is subway and you live far enough to the station that walking is not an option... sure, folding bike would be really a good idea. Or small scooters as well.

If at work or home there is no space for a conventional bicycle, then yes, folding bike sounds like a great solution.

The short answer to whether a folding bike is worth it is “it depends”. It depends on what you want it for, it depends on the bike itself, it depends on whether the additional cost and compromises are outweighed by the benefits of having a portable bike.

This article will discuss the pros and cons, durability, exercise capabilities, commuting capabilities, , long rides, benefits, and criteria for foldable bicycles.

pros and cons of folding bike

1. It can be stored so easily. Because they fold, you can fit them anywhere! Put it right in your bag, and no one will ever know; that is pretty cool.

2. Most places such as hotels prefer a foldable bike over a regular one; they don’t leave as much of a mess. Traditional bicycles are oily and cumbersome, but with a foldable bike that is less of an issue. Plus, it’s easier to ride on a bus, train, or plane with one of these. 

3. With foldable bikes, security is not an issue as you will always have it near you. Now you won’t have to worry about locking your bike up on a bike rack and risking theft. This will put your mind at ease.

4. Easy to transport: Foldable bikes fit almost anywhere. You can throw it in the back of your car or your bag.

5. Lightweight: Did we mention this thing is light? A folding bike can weigh anywhere from 8-11KG! Now you won’t have to strain your back like you would with a regular bicycle.

Below are the Cons

1. Small Wheels: Smaller wheels are not suitable for bumps in the road.

2.Size: These bikes can’t hold a lot of weight. This also applies to adding items to carry around with you on the bike; it’s not going to happen on a foldable bike.

3.Suspension : These bicycles do not come with a suspension system, so off-roading is off the table. Even riding on gravel will be a challenge.

4. Style: Foldable bikes are not the most fashionable; you will get some looks and unwanted attention riding one of these.

 Are Folding Bikes Durable?

Folding bikes are structurally strong, and crafted to be durable. They do not break easily unless you've placed too much weight on them. As it is folding bikes, and whether the bike is made of aluminum, carbon or even steel. Every metal has its limits for tolerance to stress.

How folding bikes are ridden also effects durability. Most models come with a recommended maximum weight for a rider and guidelines.

The majority of folding bikes are at their best when used for commuting and touring. With cracks and fractures developing over time, heavy impact can cause the frame to come away at the hinge in extreme circumstances. Thankfully, this happens less as designed have improved.

 Are Folding Bikes Good for Exercise?

Riding China folding bicycle is a fantastic exercise in general. What makes a foldable bike great for training or exercise is that they are more compact, making you feel sturdier as you ride one.

The simple fact that you can take this bicycle anywhere with you gives you more opportunities to ride, which means more exercise for you!

Are Folding Bikes Good for Commuting?

Folding bikes can be excellent commuters, especially if you are a multi-model commuter or if your commute is relatively short! They are compact, light, and great for places where you don't have an abundance of space to store a bike.Otherwise, it’s effortless and convenient to use one of these; they are suitable for commuting.They can be taken anywhere, so it is easy to get on public transportation with one of these.Folding the bike can be done in 30 seconds if you get used to it.

Can Folding Bikes be Taken on Long Rides?

For long or short rides, a foldable bike is ideal. But once again, this depends on the brand or quality; the better the brand, the better the quality. You can try our ewig folding bike. We are big folding bike manufacturing in China.

With a high-quality foldable bike, your long rides are a breeze; they can handle these types of rides. If you have a long commute or wish to ride for a long distance, consider using a foldable bike. You will not be disappointed, just look at the benefits.


Overall a foldable bike is worth the money. Anyone who lives in a big city needs to have one of these. You can take this on any public transportation without any fuss, plus when the bus or train gets packed, you are going to need the extra space that a foldable bike provides.

For convenience, it’s worth buying a foldable bicycle.

Another reason you should buy a foldable bike is that you will get some good exercise. With the ability to take one of these everywhere you go, you can ride at any time, meaning you will get more exercise.

Hauling around an ordinary bike is a pain. With a foldable bike, you invest in a great exercise and a great bike in general, well worth the money.





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Post time: Jan-07-2022