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Taking a bike on holiday can be an expensive and frustrating affair, but travelling with a folding bike will circumvent most of the hassle and cost.But if want the reap the benefits of a bike as a mode of transport - enabling you to get around quickly and cheaply whatever town or city you’ve travelled to - a folding bike presents an excellent and trouble-free way to do this. When travelling domestically by train, a folding bike may not offer any additional cost saving, but it does make it a simpler and more stress-free affair

Extremely comfortable with a folding bike when travel.

If you go to travel with a folding bike or electric folding bike, It opens up new horizons for holidaymakers, as it offers opportunities that big bicycles do not.for example when getting on a bus or train, these “small” bikes unfold their full potential. Folding bikes are masters of flexibility and it comes to comfort. What is standard in everyday life also works on holiday. With a folding bike, there is not just one way of travelling.

The Advantages of Folding Bike Travel

Take your folding bike on the bus or train.So there are already some excellent reason to travel with a bike. But when you consider what a bike that folds has to offer on top of this, it’s too much to pass on.

1. Security

you can always store a bike overnight inside your hotel room or hostel. This is a big benefit, because, especially in an unfamiliar city, you might not want to leave your bike locked outside overnight. Of course bringing it inside doesn’t mean it’s theft proof, but at least someone would have to break into your room to get it.

2. Convenient Travel

It’s easy to get around on a bike, but it’s easy to get around with a folding bike. Have some intercity train/bus travel on the itinerary? Often, a folding bike can come aboard with you, without any extra fees or planning required.You can explore more places more easily with a folding bike. Maybe while touring you decide that you want to take a budget flight to a neighboring country or nearby island. With a folding bike, you can pack it up and fly relatively hassle-free. You could also store the bike at your hotel’s luggage storage and take a side trip without your bike. If you tour on a full-size bike, a side trip may be cost-prohibitive or impossible.

3. You don’t have to worry as much about getting stranded

If your folding bike fails catastrophically and you can’t ride it, you can hitch a ride back to where you want to go. You can haul a folding bike in even the smallest of cars. This often isn’t an option with a full-size bike.

4. Folding bikes can perform as well as full-sized bikes

You may assume that the small wheels will slow you down. This really isn’t the case. A quality folding bike that is designed for touring can be just as fast and efficient as a full-sized touring bike.There are a couple of reasons for this. First, the smaller wheels are significantly lighter. This means they have less rotational mass. They spin up faster and with less effort. Our bike manufacturers also adjust the gearing to compensate for the smaller wheels. You don’t have to work harder to ride a small-wheeled folding bike.

 Folding Bike Touring Cons

1. Some components wear out more quickly

Rims, tires, and hubs won’t last as long on a folding bike. The reason is that the wheels need to make more revolutions to travel the same distance as a full-sized bike. Because of this they wear out and need to be replaced more often. For example, you might only get 5,000 miles out of a 16″ folding bike rim. A 700c touring rim might last 15,000 miles. This adds maintenance costs.

2. Folding bikes can’t haul as much weight

The hinge and long seat post and handlebar post create weak spots. Folding bikes have a lower carrying capacity than diamond frame bikes. Most folding bikes can safely haul around 110 kilos or about 240 pounds. This includes the rider and luggage. If you’re a bigger person or like to travel fully loaded, that’s just not enough. For comparison, a decent full-size touring bike can easily handle 300 pounds. Some can carry much more.

3. Folding bikes have fewer gears

Many folding bikes only have 6-8 gears. Most only have a single chainring. To compare, full-sized touring bikes usually have 24-30 gears. With fewer gears, it’s harder to remain in your optimal cadence. Your pedaling can become inefficient at times. There is also a larger step between gears. When you shift, your cadence is disrupted more. This can reduce speed and efficiency. Not all folding bikes have fewer gears.

 In a word , If you’re planning any kind of travel this summer, you should seriously consider bringing a bike along. Regardless of where you’re headed, a bicycle can be a valuable asset, whether you’re in the middle of nowhere or in a thriving city center.

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Post time: Apr-01-2022