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What’s the perfect wheel size? That’s probably the most important question when you start looking for a folding bike. The folding model come in a wide range of wheel sizes from 10 inches to 26 inches, however, the most popular size is 20 inches.

While folding bicycles with 20-inch wheels are significantly larger, they have some benefits like lower starting price or more stable ride. In fact, a majority of folding bikes I’ve reviewed have the 20-inch wheels. It’s considered a good balance between folded size and performance. The bikes are still manageable while the riding quality is generally better than the small 16-inch wheels.

Most folding bike frame for sale are made for adults but because they are supplied in wheel sizes of 12″ to 26″, younger children or shorter members in the family can also ride on them. Usually 20inch wheel is suitable for the people whose height is 150-195cm.This is because the stem and seatpost height is adjustable.

20-inch vs 24-inch Folding Bike Comparison – What is the Perfect Wheel Size?

Best carbon fiber folding bike come in a variety of wheel sizes. For compactness, the 20” wheel size that some brands use gives the most compact fold. Small wheels are also generally stronger and stiffer, due to the shorter spoke lengths. The key thing to note about smaller wheels is that you will feel the imperfections of the road more than a full sized 700c wheel. so there are also a lot of folding bikes that use the larger 20” sizes  which feel better on the road, there are also foldies that can match the speed of full sized bikes . In terms of acceleration, small wheels are pretty fast on stop and go rides and are great for city riding.

In case you can’t get used to small bicycles,  carbon frame folding bike will be a perfect choice. This is a bulky bike and nobody wants to carry it around. However, it is still much more portable than a regular bike. You can bring it anywhere by putting in your car trunk, it is just not suitable for multi-modal travel. Many types of public transportation will not accept carrying the large bike on board. The difference in speed is unnoticeable but you will absolutely get a more stable and comfortable bike. If you have to deal with a lot of hills and bumpy roads, you will appreciate the 24-inch folding bikes. Folding bikes in wheel sizes of 20’’ is suitable for older children, age 9 and above. This is a 20″ folding bike.This model is suitable for parents cycling with older kids.



Folding Bikes For The Tall Person

picking the perfect folding bicycle for tall individuals may look straightforward, however its not at all. Now and again, tall riders adjust the seat forward or backward to fit their stature. In the event that you if your taller then 6ft , picking a folding bicycle with moveable handlebar and seat is suggested. The inches between them is crucial. On the off chance that you cannot adjust your bike appropriately, you won’t feel comfortable in your travel . Ideally, sizes of folding bikes rely on upon the frame size, or the seat tube length. Among the many choices you need to make when selecting the right bike for you, one of the more important decisions is size. This doesn’t mean just frame size, but also the size of the wheels.

The nature of folding bikes means this is one area of bike design that fizzles with innovation, with interesting new adaptations coming out each year. There's a constant quest to make folded packages more compact, frame designs stiffer and faster and gear systems cleaner so the bike is more practical to carry and ride. Hub gears, electric mountain bike , belt drives and superlight materials all find their way into the folding bike sector. It's space-age stuff.

Do I Need a Folding Bike?

Very short or very tall riders may struggle to get a good fit on carbon frame folding bike because they tend to be one-size fits all. If you are little or large, look for folding bikes that have lots of adjustment of seatpost and stem height. Overall though, folding bikes are fantastic for riders who want all the speed and freedom of a bike but need to fit it into small spaces. If you've not much storage at home, folding bikes can be stowed in a cupboard by the door. Commuters can cycle part the way to work and bring their bike in the car boot, to park on the edge of town, or jump on the bus and stick it in the luggage rack. Investing in a folding bike could actually be a great way to save you time and money on your commute and you could even buy one through the cycle to work scheme to get great value.

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Post time: Mar-28-2022