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Whatever the material, there are many things to look out for when buying a new carbon bike from bike manufacturers. However, carbon has its own peculiarities that set it apart and make it trickier to assess. In particular, there could be hidden damage from a severe impact, which could lead to a sudden failure.Unless you happen to have access to scanning equipment, you’ll have to rely on a more indirect method, along with close visual inspection.

If you want to be absolutely certain and you have your heart set on a particular bike or frame set, consider sending it to a carbon repair specialist who will be able to diagnose any faults invisible to the naked eye. Repairs to a dearly beloved carbon frame may also be far more affordable than you might imagine.

 How to inspect that the frame of the bike you bought is made of carbon fiber?

 The easiest way is to flick with your fingers to listen to the sound, like playing a watermelon.The all-carbon sound is a bit like a thin plastic tube, which sounds thin and crisp.Carbon-coated sound is similar to full carbon, but the sound is dull and hard. Metal bounces have a metal sound similar to Dangdang.

There will be no welding marks on the carbon fiber frame, and it is integrally formed. The manufacturing process of carbon fiber is a bit similar to textile or plaster production, with no welding being the main feature. The carbon fiber frame is made by layering carbon fibers against the direction in which the stress occurs to obtain strength. The carbon fiber frame is very light, which is due to its density and strong tensile strength.

Carbon fiber material has high strength, good elasticity, light density and corrosion resistance. The total weight of the bicycle is effectively reduced, and the light weight can reduce the physical loss and increase the riding speed. The structure of the carbon fiber composite bicycle is sturdy and not easily deformed.

 Carbon bike need to be inspected routinely for cracks or damage.

You should inspect your bike after every wash, after a creak develops, and definitely after a crash. Look closely for scratches, especially anything deep or through the paint. With a dollar coin, tap on any suspect area and listen for a change in sound. A normal “tap” sound will become a dull thud when the carbon is broken. Gently push on the suspect area to feel if it’s softer than the surrounding area. For dual-suspension mountain bikes, in addition to the regular frame inspection, look for cracks around pivots and bearings. Also check underneath the down tube for impact cracks, commonly caused by rocks flying up and smacking the down tube.

Once a season, you should perform a more thorough inspection. If your bike has taken a hard hit or been involved in a crash, a good check over is imperative to ensure your safety. Pull out your seat post and look for cracks around the clamping area. Remove your bar tape, and inspect around the shifter clamps for any scoring or scratching. After a crash, a shifter that rotates on the bar can eat into it, and even saw through it over time. The same is true for mountain bikes as shifters and brake levers often spin on the bar in a crash. Remove the bar from the stem, and inspect the clamping area for any cracks or blemishes.

Inspect the Chain

Check – Check the top of the chain stay for excessive wear from “chain slap”. Take a flashlight and inspect each weld that connects the chain stay to the rest of the bike.

The Chain stay is part of the rear fork on your bike, specially the part that takes the most beating from your chain. This is why you see so many Mountain Bikers using a chain stay guard or something to that affect.

 Seat Stay

Check – Check the welds that connect the seat stay to the rest of the bike. Take extra care to check the inside of the seat stay to inspect for tire rub.If there was ever an issue with tire rub or a severe hub imbalance, you can easily eliminate the bike if you see these telltale signs of damage.


In conclusion, carbon bike frames are extremely resilient. But don’t take chances if you have suspicions that there may be damage to your bike frame. Take the time to check the welds, tubes and high stress areas on your bike, so you can continue to ride in confidence.


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