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With the popularity of ebikes on the rise, many people want to know how to start an electric bike business. And energy saving and environmental protection have become a hot topic in the market, and electric bike have become the preferred means of transportation for many families for short-distance travel. With the rapid development of the market, there are more and more folding carbon fiber bike brands, which not only bring more choices for consumers, but also allow some entrepreneurs to discover business opportunities. So how do you want to open an electric bike shop, and what are the precautions for joining an electric bike dealer.

1. Choose a strong brand

For entrepreneurs, choosing a strong brand can guarantee the stability of the hardware and software of the product. Qualified operators can go to the production enterprise for on-the-spot inspection. In addition, they should understand the scale and management mode of the enterprise. After a full understanding, they can determine the brand they want to join.

2.basic requirements

Interested in the foldable carbon fiber bike industry, and familiar with the relevant laws and regulations of the electric bike industry, but also need to be keen on the electric bike business, have the awareness of brand management and marketing management concepts, and regard the management and development of electric bikes industries as a lifetime People from all walks of life in the pursuit of society.

3. Basically familiar

With the working principle of electric bikes, and master the functions and basic functions of the four major components of electric bikes. To join an electric bikes, you must first choose a cost-effective brand investment. There are many electric bike brands on the market today, and prices vary in quality. To do a good job in the electric bike business, you must start from the consumer’s point of view and choose cost-effectiveness. Invest in high-end brands, so that it is easier to open up the market and generate better sales. To join a brand retailer of carbon folding bike, you must first learn the maintenance technology of electric bikes, and have a certain understanding of the product structure of electric vehicles, so that customers can easily solve problems after riding.

4. Legal business requirements

It is necessary to have a legal business license and specific business premises, and to be fully familiar with and master the relevant laws and regulations of the state, local governments and the electric vehicle industry, so as to conduct business in a civilized manner and operate legally.

5. Must prepare stock to sell

We ask our Dealers to stock at least one of each of our three main Electric Bicycle models for demonstration purposes. Where possible we offer fast delivery service via courier for stock replacement.We will try our best to support Dealers. This includes Technical Training, where required, and Full Parts Backup.We supply our Dealers with point of sale advertising materials such as Brochures and Leaflets mostly at no cost. Other items are available at cost price

Foldable carbon fiber bike offer huge growth potential as they endure to gain traction in Europe as a more ecological means of transport. Sales in the U.S. is predicted to lift as associated regulations will take shape. Along with healthy European and U.S. markets and expected rebound in sales in China is projected to offer a more stable environment for the e-bike market place during years to come. So if you want to be an dealer of our EWIGBIKE, kindly please contact us via, or focus on our office website:


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