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Having a loyal suppliers are the most crucial factor in manufacturing your products successfully in China.This essential question does not have a clear-cut and simple answer. Many different factors determine whether a manufacturer is suitable for your project or not. One very crucial that often seems to be ignored is the impact of your order on them and the size of the manufacturer. 

How to Select a Ideal Right Size Manufacturer?

There is no guaranteed method to select a wholesale electric bicycle manufacturer that will always deliver without any issues. However, you can set some requirements your supplier needs to fulfill to increase better performance.

Specialized in producing your product category

Firstly, you need to find a factory that is specialized or mainly works to manufacture electric bikes. There are high chances of getting poor results if you select a factory that manufactures your required product but does not specialize in it. Let’s say that if you make a contract with a factory that specializes in making skateboards and has just started manufacturing e-bikes, too, you can imagine the result. When it comes to electric bikes, manufacturer expertise is highly important.

Experienced in making products with similar specifications

You need to find a China bike manufacturer that has manufactured e-bikes successfully with the same features before getting your order. Let’s say that your bikes have built-in rear & front lights. It will be helpful if you find a factory that has manufactured e-bikes with these specifications. If the supplier is familiar with your requirements, it can deliver the product you desire.

Enough capacity to make your order

You must know whether a manufacturer can make your e-bikes according to your requirements. A factory’s capacity is related to its resources that include manpower, equipment, and facilities to produce your order successfully.

To prevent from getting bad experiences later, you should inspect the factory during a visit, or you can hire a third party to do an audit on your behalf. This is very crucial because every Chinese factory will claim that they can do your required job. Another very important point is to verify your supplier’s “Business License” to make sure that you are dealing with a legitimate supplier.

Quality of electric vehicles and related products

During the transition period of the new national standard, most regions will check whether the products are marked with the factory name and address, and whether there are necessary qualification certificates such as product qualification certificates, quality inspection reports, and warranty cards. After the transition period, all electric bikes must have 3C certification, and wholesale electric bicycle products will be included in the catalog of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. In addition, local policies vary from place to place, and electric bikes must also meet environmental emission standards. It is worth mentioning that accessories such as batteries and chargers are also the objects of inspection by law enforcement officers.

EWIG is the ideal manufacturer for electric bicycles.

It is quite natural that many companies would love to work with a leading manufacturer in the industry. EWIG as a professional bike manufacturer who has adaptable capacity to produce with a larger and high-volume qty. We completely be competent for product’s complexity, and the volume you want to produce.

If you are doing business of bicycle, most significant is that you find a manufacturer that is the best fit for your company. And supplier size plays a vital role in this. EWIG won't let you down. we have enough workers, machines, and all required facilities to handle larger orders. Most importantly, we focus on maintaining desired quality, lead-times, and service levels.

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Post time: Nov-02-2022