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Carbon is pretty much the number one material of choice when it comes to mainstream frame construction and as such there are an awful lot of carbon bike frames out there and there's no one 'best carbon bike'.

Whilst the frame material is at the heart of the bike, there are other elements to consider when choosing a new brand - the geometry, specification, and value for money being key points.

Carbon fiber manufacturing is a very sensitive process, and small defects can lead to catastrophic failure. At the same time, carbon fiber is much stronger and stiffer than any metal, so a well-designed frame can be very strong.Carbon fibre is the wonder material of the cycling world. Once it was exotic and hugely expensive, now it is commonplace and prices have tumbled.Carbon fibre's high strength-to-weight ratio makes it extremely attractive as a material for bike frames that are strong, light, stiff and durable. It's arguably the perfect material for bikes

Carbon fibre's versatility means bikes can be tuned for both ride and aerodynamics in a way that's virtually impossible with metals

If you have very deep pockets, it's not hard to spend over USD10,00 on a carbon fibre bike with all the (carbon fibre) trimmings

While carbon fibre bikes are no longer all mega-pricy, the day of the sub USD500 carbon bike appears to be over.

EWIG carbon fiber mountain bikes are committed to developing the best bicycles, so engineering technology is the top priority. EWIG knows that carbon fiber must be optimized in every detail in order to achieve the highest performance and meet different functional requirements. Correct use of these rough, dark, shiny carbon fibers can form a truly function-oriented frame with a unique riding experience.

Laser cutting of carbon fiber cloth is the key to achieving high-quality laminates. EWIG treats these original carbon cloths very carefully. HMX is a special high-modulus hybrid carbon fiber, which is more expensive than ordinary carbon fiber. Lightweight structure is very important. EWIG precisely controls the lamination angle and thickness of each layer of carbon fiber to ensure product consistency.

A carbon fiber frame has more than two hundred pieces of various types of carbon cloth that need to be prepared in advance. The precise and accurate operation in the repeated process is the key to the success of the frame. If there is no expert preparation process, it cannot be 100% guaranteed. Product quality, EWIG is proud of their excellent preparation before production.

Our EWIG engineers have always had extremely high requirements for quality. In each batch of production, EWIG will select several finished products for destructive testing. For each frame, the production can be confirmed by an independent frame number. Location, production time, or manufacturer-"If there is no strict quality control, it is impossible to produce a qualified frame"

No matter how great the frame is without painting, it will look like a male model. In order to obtain an excellent appearance, EWIG has selected high-quality enamel and a unique painting design to make the final product more attractive. Each labeling is done by hand, and the final appearance will be covered with a layer of durable gold oil to protect the frame.

In the public's understanding, many things are made in Asia, so it is correct to say that. Most of the carbon fiber products in the bicycle industry come from Taiwan or mainland China. However, some carbon fiber frames and parts are also made in the United States (Zipp and TREK) and France (Time and Look).

Although carbon fiber is well known as a space material in the early days, carbon fiber is actually very suitable for small-scale processing. Small American stores and even private workshops can process carbon. Many bicycle manufacturers can make their own bicycle frames from carbon fiber cloth, and the manufacturing method is no different from that of large bicycle manufacturers such as giant.

If you’re looking to upgrade your bike or if your old frame has seen better days, then getting yourself a carbon bike frame will massively upgrade and transform your bike. In comparison to steel and aluminum, carbon is the lightest frame on the market and offers superior shock absorption.

Carbon bike frames are the strongest frames you’ll find on the market, too; they are blended with a ride range of different metals to achieve outstanding characteristics. They are renowned in the biking world thanks to their versatile and structural materials.

A carbon bike frame is made from material polyacrylonitrile fiber, heated to extremely high temperatures until the non-carbon materials are burned out. We are left with long and thin fibers. The processing also has a lot to say about how stiff the frame will be.

The discussion above clearly explains that a bike frameset is the most crucial central unit, ensuring that all the components work together as a single cohesive unit. The carbon frameset category offers some amazing premium products at very competitive prices.

As discussed above, a range of features, including carbon frames, premium quality forks, headsets, tires, and integrated seat posts. All these parts are bound to the frameset and collectively make sure that the rider has an amazing experience.

In conclusion, it was established that carbon bike frames generally offer great value in quality, durability, and features. They normally cost a premium, so consumers should be aware of the exact specifications they desire and need so that the required product could be found and purchased.

Enjoy upgrading your bike, my friends!

Post time: Sep-27-2021